Looking for Renovation Loans? Safrock is the Lender-Finder You’ve Been Searching For

Renovation Loans
Have you been searching for renovation loans? You’re not alone. Aussies are house-proud, and getting more so every year! When we make changes to our homes, some of us simply head down to Bunnings with confidence in our DIY skills, whilst others choose to put their trust in local tradies to get the job done.

Even if you have the skills, we all know how expensive renovations can be. You start making a few changes to your home and before you know it the costs are piling up. Renovation finance seems like an easy solution, but which lender should you choose? Safrock can provide a quality lender-finder service that you can trust. We only work with the best, so you can rest assured you’ll get a service you’ll want to write home about.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We take extra care when it comes to the small print and ensuring that you understand what you’re signing up for rather than finding hidden extra costs down the line. Find out how we can help you find reputable lenders offering renovation loans today!

Why renovate?

You might feel like you’re on an episode of Love It or List It at the moment, unsure of whether you should remodel your home or sell it. Either way, it’s clear that some work needs to be done sooner rather than later. Aussies tend to renovate to increase value but also to improve the comfort and enjoyment of their homes.

Whoever is in charge of the cooking at home will likely have told everyone how their dream kitchen would look. Now, don’t you think that said person deserves to have the perfect space to cook up a feast every evening after a long days work or taking care of the kids? I think so! You might be in a position where borrowing money for renovations is your only option. Safrock offer the ideal home improvement loans to support you making your special someone’s dreams come true!

What do we do?

Safrock is a lender-finding provider who prides itself in connecting everyday Aussies to reputable lenders. We don’t just offer help finding renovation loans but finance to cover a wide range of expenses. So, whether you want to buy a car or go on holiday, Safrock can help you find a loan for every purpose.

At Safrock, we have built a large network of premium loan providers. We specialise in finding loans that are tailored to your needs. We will give you the choice of a selection of lenders so you can compare them and find which one is right for you.
Above all, we are a friendly lender-finder service that you can trust. We like to make Aussies feel comfortable. That’s why we have a no-obligation policy, so if you’re having second thoughts, you can withdraw from your application free of charge.

How much money can I borrow?

You might be reading this thinking, how much money should I be borrowing for a renovation? At Safrock, we have access to lenders who could offer you a personal loan for renovation between $2,500 and $25,000. We want you to have enough money to be able to create your dream home.

Our lender partners can offer quick cash so you can spend it on whatever you need. Perhaps you’re just looking to renovate one or two rooms in your new home. In this case, you’ll probably only need a medium-sized loan. Our lenders can offer medium-sized loans ranging from $2,500 to $4,600 and these loans can be repaid over a period of 13 to 24 months.

On the other hand, you might have just bought a house that needs an extreme makeover. Before you start applying to be on Selling Houses Australia, why not take a look at the larger loans that our lenders offer. Large loans will need to be secured to an asset, such as a car, motorhome or boat. They start at $5,000 and can reach up to $25,000 and can be paid off over a period of up to 36 months.

Do renovation loans have to be attached to equity?

Though it’s not compulsory in all cases for a loan to be attached to equity, when taking out larger loans, you might be required to secure the loan to one of your assets. Lenders don’t want you to lose any of your possessions during the transaction so they will do their best to make sure that when you take out a loan, you will be able to afford to pay it back in the future.

Need more cash?

You might be looking for a loan exceeding the amount we offer at Safrock. If this is the case, it could be worth approaching some of the big Australian banks who offer loans with a value of $100,000 and more. You’ll need to have a good credit score to secure a loan this size and your credit history will need to be clean. To help you out, we’ve chosen four big banks that you might want to consider:

  1. CBA Personal Loans
  2. ANZ Personal Loans
  3. NAB Personal Loans
  4. Westpac Personal Loans

Each bank will have its own lending conditions including repayment periods, interest rates and how much you can borrow from them. Find out how you can borrow from the listed banks by clicking on the links above.

I’ve got bad credit, can you still help?

We love giving Aussies a fair go when it comes to getting renovation loans. So, we partner with lenders who have a fresh approach to credit. Our lender partners won’t dismiss people solely based on having a lower than average credit score. Sometimes, things happen in our lives that are out of our control like emergencies or being made redundant. In these situations, you can depend on Safrock to help you find lenders willing to give you a fair go.

Why go through a lender-finder rather than doing it yourself?

Lender-finders are experts when it comes to finding the best loans. They have access to hundreds of lenders rather than just the one or two that you may come across doing your own research.

Leave it to our specialists. They put their heart and soul into helping clients find the financial support they’re looking for. It’s also important to remember that when you put your faith in the hands of our team, you have no obligation to go through with the transaction. It’s down to you to ensure that everything adds up and that you’re happy to go ahead with the offer.

Can I really afford a renovation loan right now?

Renovating a house is an extremely costly feat that leaves some people with debts for the rest of their lives. However, it’s easy to get lost in all the numbers and forget that a well-kept property is an investment that, in time, should increase in value. Spending money on your home now can result in a great prospect for the future.

What do I need to have ready before applying?

Want to apply for renovation loans? If you’re starting to feel like Safrock might be what you’ve been looking for, then go and grab the following to save you from getting up from your seat during your application:

  • 100 points of identification,
  • Internet banking details,
  • myGov account details (if applicable),
  • Current and previous employment information (if applicable),
  • General information about an asset you would like to attach to the loan.
  • Well, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got everything at hand, then why not scroll up and apply now!

How do I apply for a home improvement loan?

When you apply with Safrock you save considerable time and effort. No endless searches for renovation loans and lender comparisons. All it takes is just one application with Safrock to find your best options! Here’s how you can get started now:

Step 1: Apply online. Our 100% online application process takes minutes to complete. You can find our loan calculator by scrolling to the top of this page. There you can select the amount you are wanting to borrow and a suitable repayment plan.

Step 2: Leave it to us. Once your application has been submitted, our team will get straight to work matching your request to our appropriate premium lenders.

Step 3: Almost there. The lender will assess your application, and you’ll receive an outcome shortly after! Finally, all that’s left for you to do it accept the offer if approved, then it’s only a matter of time before the money will appear in your account.

Who can apply for renovation loans?

Before you can apply, there are a few things that our lenders consider as standard minimum requirements. If you meet the following criteria, then you’re one step closer to getting your hands on a loan!

  • At least 18 years old,
  • Have active contact information, i.e. telephone number and email address,
  • Have a bank account in your name,
  • An Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Get in touch with Safrock

If you’re still left with any unanswered questions or would just prefer to speak with us directly, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Feel free to send us a message using our contact information which can be found here. Once we receive your request, one of our friendly team of lender-finder experts will get back to as soon as possible. Our team need their beauty sleep, so if you contact us out of business hours, expect only a short wait until you get a response.

Well, what are you waiting for? Use our loan calculator which can be found by simply scrolling up on this page to choose a repayment plan that suits you. Then all that’s left to do is click on the big blue ‘APPLY NOW’ button! We look forward to hearing from you!

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