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If you’re looking for short-term Perth loans then Safrock is the lender-finder you can put your faith in. We partner with some of the best in the business to make sure you get the cash you need as quickly as possible. Submit an application with us today and we’ll do our best to find a reputable Aussie lender who can offer you the loan you need. All it takes is an internet connection to get started, so scroll up now to begin your free online application with Safrock today!

How can I get a personal loan fast?

There are a number of online lenders offering quick personal loans Perth. You can simplify your search by applying with a lender-finder like us! We match applicants all over Australia with lenders they can trust. With Safrock, you can apply for a Perth loan wherever you are and whenever you like. All you need is an internet connection.

Safrock is dedicated to making the application process as simple as possible. Our team does all the hard work for you. We’ll locate the best loans from our partner lenders and then put you in touch. The Safrock team can’t guarantee approval for every single applicant, however, we can guarantee all Aussies a fair go when they apply for Perth loans.

Are online loans a good idea?

An online personal loan can be an ideal solution when you need cash quickly for unexpected expenses or just generally sussing out the market for a short term loan. Whether or not a cash loan is a good idea for you, will depend on your individual circumstances. Before applying for a loan, you should always assess your current finances and consider the long-term implications of borrowing money.

Safrock is not a financial advisor, so we cannot provide advice on your financial position. To determine whether Perth loans are a viable option for you, speak to a professional or refer to the MoneySmart website.

What is the best online loan company?

Many online lenders will claim to be the best but which ones actually are will depend on what you’re searching for. Our team wants to help all Aussies access fair and reasonable Perth loans. We don’t think a personal loan should be limited by factors that might be outside of your control.

At Safrock, we partner with lenders that take a closer look at your financial history. Factors that may have held you back in the past like bad credit or Centrelink no longer need to stand in your way. Our lending partners will do everything they can to find you suitable cash loans Perth as quickly as possible.

It is important to remember that Safrock does not guarantee approval for every single Perth loan applicant. We partner with responsible lenders, that means you will never be approved if you do not have the means to repay the loan.

Who can apply for Perth loans?

The good news is that almost anyone can apply for Perth loans. Whether it’s a wedding loan or a bad credit personal loan, Safrock could help you find a lender in Perth for the job. But, first, you’ll need to meet our application criteria:

  • Applicants must have an active mobile phone number and email address;
  • You must have internet banking set up;
  • All applicants must be over the age of 18;
  • You have had a regular income for the last 3-months into a personal bank account;
  • You must be able to prove you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

At Safrock, we believe everyone deserves the right to fast, fair and convenient cash. If you’ve got questions regarding our application criteria we encourage you to get in touch with the Safrock team or head to our FAQ page.

Will I need to provide documents?

Yes, the Safrock team will require some documentation with your loan application. The good news is, we’ll only ask you to provide the basics. You won’t be required to fill out any long-winded forms, we’ll cut straight to the chase. So, if you want to make the application process even easier than it already is, here’s what you should have with you:

  • Your basic personal details (name, D.O.B etc);
  • Internet banking details (so we can securely access read-only copies of your bank statements);
  • The reason you are applying for your loan;
  • Your MyGov details (if you receive Centrelink or Government benefits);
  • Employment details and contact info of your workplace (we may need to get in contact in order to verify your employment status);
  • All applicants must be able to prove they are either Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Can I get a loan in Perth without a job?

The short answer is yes, so long as you receive an alternative form of income. For instance, if you’re receiving Centrelink benefits we won’t put you in a box. Our lender-partners may consider Centrelink and other government benefits an adequate form of income.

Safrock’s lending partners will assess what percentage of your income is drawn from Centrelink as well as a number of other factors when determining whether a loan is right for you. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you could be approved for short term loans Perth our team recommend you go ahead and submit an application. It’s free to do so and our team will always do their best to find you suitable Perth loans.

Can I get a loan with bad credit?

Yes! Even if you have a bad credit score some lenders may be able to offer you a personal loan based on other factors. At Safrock, we partner with lenders that focus on how you are going to repay your loan. As a result, your income, employment status and financial commitments will also be considered. So, while Safrock’s lender partners can’t offer ‘instant cash loans Perth no credit check’ they may still be able to offer you bad credit loans Perth.

Can I get an urgent cash loan?

There is no such thing as a guaranteed or ‘instant’ loan, but there is such a thing as a short term loan. Lenders will always have to conduct an assessment of your personal loan application. You can still find fast loans in Perth with a number of online lenders.

At Safrock, we will always do our best to provide you with an outcome quickly. If you submit an application during AEST business hours our team will get back to you in just 60 minutes. If we are able to locate a compatible lender for you, then you could have access to quick Perth loans in no time!

Will my lender conduct an employment check?

In most cases, our partners that can lend money will conduct an employment check when you apply for a personal loan. Employment checks are routine and give our lenders the opportunity to verify some important details. At Safrock, we are proud to be partnered with the best in the lending game. As a result, there is no cause for concern when it comes to privacy. Safrock’s partner lenders will never disclose any of your personal information to your employer, including the reason why you are applying for a personal loan.

If you’ve got questions regarding employment checks our team is more than happy to assist! Otherwise, you can head to our FAQ page for more information.

Why do I need to provide my online banking details?

Safrock’s partner lenders use your online banking details to access read-only copies of your bank statements. Your bank statements provide your lender with a realistic view of your current financial circumstances, such as your income and spending habits. These factors assist your lender in understanding the full picture and determining whether a loan is right for you.

Still worried about security? Safrock only partners with lenders that use the latest in safe banking technology. Basically, this means that all your information is encrypted and no one will see your personal information or passwords.

How to apply for a loan in Perth

If you’re ready to apply for Perth loans you’ll be pleased to know that the application process is super simple and straightforward. At Safrock, we love speed and convenience so we partner with lenders who are like-minded to ensure the process is streamlined. Applying for a personal loan with Safrock just takes four simple steps:

1. Complete your application

Simply scroll up and use the loan calculator at the top of the page to input your desired loan amount and the repayment period. Hit ‘apply now’ and we’ll direct you straight to our 100% online application form. This could only take you a matter of minutes to complete, so get cracking!

2. We find you a lender in Perth

Once our team receive your online application, we’ll get searching. Our team will submit your application to a variety of online lenders. Safrock partner with some of the best in the business. That means we will only ever match you with a responsible lender. If we are successful in locating a lender we’ll put you in touch. If we haven’t been successful we won’t waste your time. Our team will let you know straight away. The Safrock team values honesty and transparency when it comes to our customers.

3. Sign your agreement

Your new lender will send over an agreement for you to review and sign. The Safrock team recommends all applicants read over their contract carefully and make themselves aware of any fees or charges that could incur for late or failed payments. Our lenders are honest and open, all the terms and conditions of your loan will be clearly stated. It is, however, your responsibility to make yourself aware. If you’ve got questions we recommend you get in touch with your lender. Once you’re satisfied with our agreement simply sign it and send it back.

4. Receive a cash loan!

Once your lender receives your signed contract the cash will be transferred straight to your account. If your new lender and individual bank support instant banking you could have the cash in just 60 seconds. If not, the money will hit your account in the next round of banking.

Start your application now!

If you need to borrow money fast in Perth, scroll up now to start your application. We could find a reputable Aussie lender ready to offer you one of the Perth loans you’re searching for!

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