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Safrock - Low Income Loans

Having a low income shouldn’t prevent you from being taken seriously. If you’ve got a dream that you want to make a reality, we think we know the lenders who can help.

Life is short. At Safrock we want to give your small business idea that financial kickstart it needs. Is your best friend getting married overseas? Safrock wants you to be over there just as much as you do. We’re in the business of helping make dreams a reality.

We specialise in finding lenders who are willing to back the dreamers by offering personal loans for low income individuals. So, if it’s cash flow getting in the way of you and your big plans, let Safrock help you find the lender you need.

We could find you a selection of lenders who may be offering the low income loans you’re looking for. We then provide you with a comparison of these low income loans. From there, you’re able to select the lender and loan you feel best fits your situation.

It’s really that simple; no multiple applications and no paperwork.

If you’ve got big plans, Safrock wants to hear about them.

Who We Are

Before we start helping your dreams come true, we’d best introduce ourselves.

We’re a lender-finder based out of Brisbane. We’ve been in the game a while now, and let’s just say we’re pretty awesome at what we do. We’ve already helped so many people find lenders offering loans for low income Aussies.

What do we do? Well, as you’ve probably guessed – we find lenders. Then, we compile a lender comparison for our customers. We’re the best in the game when it comes to providing a personal loan comparison for our customers.

That’s what keep people coming back to Safrock. Our customers know that, if they need to find a lender offering low income loans, there’s only one place to go. We give our customers choice and we make it damn easy.

With one application, we could find our customers a selection of reputable lenders who may be able to supply them with the loan they’re looking for.

Just as we want to help everyday, hardworking Aussies realise their dreams, so do the lenders we work with. They share the same philosophy that drives everything we do. Even if you’re on a low income, or are receiving Centrelink, both Safrock and our lender-partners will do our best to give you a fair go.

What Is A Low Income Personal Loan?

A personal loan is simply a loan for personal expenses. In other words, you can spend the money on anything from unexpected bills, to something you’ve been dreaming about for years. From a holiday to business expenses, to covering a rental bond; you’ve got a lot of freedom when it comes to spending your money.

Low income loans are, as you may have guessed, personal loans for someone on a low income. Loans for low income will have repayments that will be able to fit in a tight budget. So, even if you are counting the pennies, lenders may still have the loan you’re looking for.

At Safrock, we only associate ourselves with lenders who comply with responsible lending practices. In other words, they aren’t going to lend you an amount they know you aren’t able to afford. Moreover, all the fees and charges will be listed in your contract in plain English.

When using our service, you can be certain we will only present you lenders who are legitimate and reputable.

What Do People Borrow Money For?

As we said before, a low income personal loan can be spent on any personal expenses you may have. After all, who understands your situation better than yourself?

To give you an idea, however, we’ve made a list on the type of things Safrock has helped find lenders for:

Low Income Auto Loans:

Low income car loans – your golden ticket to freedom. Having your own set of wheels lets you go wherever you want, whenever you want. At Safrock, we’ve helped heaps of customers find lenders offering low income car loans.

Low Income Housing Loans:

Are you stuck in a living situation you can’t wait to get out of? Hundreds of our customers have used their low income loans for housing purposes. Do you need a loan for a bond, a repair job on your rental, or even to beef up your deposit for a house? We could help you find the lenders who may be able to set you up with low income housing loans.

Low Income Student Loans:

It’s no lie that higher education is big business these days. All you need is to check the price on a few of your ‘required’ textbooks. While there are a few government initiatives students can apply for, not everyone is applicable. Why not let us try find you a lender who may be able to help with low income student loans?

Low Income Holiday Loans:

We’ve all been there – staring wistfully at our dream travel destination. If you’ve tried saving, and never can seem to get ahead, why not consider a low income holiday loan? We may be able to find you a lender in no time. Before you know it you could be on a flight to the French Alps or exploring the bright lights of Tokyo.

What Is An Unsecured Loan?

When browsing for low income loans, you may come across the terms ‘unsecured’ and ‘secured’ personal loans.

A secured loan is a loan that requires an asset to be attached as security against the loan. These assets often come in the form of a car, boat, motorbike or caravan. Attaching one of your assets to the loan gives the lender a level assurance. In other words, if you default on your loan, the lender is able to repossess said asset and recoup some of their losses.

Attaching security to the loan reduces the level of risk for the lender, and allows them to lend you more. So, if you are in the market for low income loans, attaching an asset may be a great way to increase your chances of being approved for a larger loan.

Unsecured loans, on the other hand, are loans that do not require an asset to be put up as security. Because they present more of a risk to the lender, unsecured loans are generally of a smaller amount. If you don’t have a vehicle of your own to attach as security, unsecured low income loans may be your best option.

At the end of the day, however, lenders assess loan applications based on affordability and suitability. In other words, how comfortably will your repayments fit into your budget? If a lender is able to see you affording larger repayments quite comfortably, they may indeed approve a large unsecured loan.

How Long Until I See My Quick Cash?

The processing times for low income loans will depend on a number of factors. These include whether or not your lender receives a signed loan contract during normal business hours, and how your bank handles these type of transfers.

You could, potentially, have your loan appear in your account the same day. Otherwise, it should appear in your account the next business day.

Again, this is all dependent on the lender and your individual circumstances. For more information regarding processing times, it’s best to get in contact with your lender directly.

Can You Find A Lender Offering A Bad Credit Personal Loan?

As you may have noticed, at Safrock we are all about giving Aussies a fair go when it comes to finding low income loans. Even if you’re looking for loans for bad credit and low income, we still think we may be able to find you a lender who can help. How exactly can we do this? Well, let us fill you in.

You may notice that in the loan application, we ask you for your internet banking details. If this gets you a little nervous, we don’t blame you. But, if you’re after low income bad credit loans, let us explain why we do this.

When we obtain your bank details, we are able to access a read-only summary of your recent banking history. This lets us get an idea of your current relationship with money. If we can see that you have been making a positive effort with your finances, we are able to convey this to our network of lenders. Lenders are likely to consider you for bad credit low income loans if they can see your positive effort.

In terms of security, our systems are the latest and greatest in safe banking technology. Your details are encrypted as you enter them, and then permanently deleted after your transaction history has been obtained.

If you are still concerned, simply change your password after using our service.

How Much Can I Borrow?

At Safrock we are able to access a huge range of lenders offering personal loans for low income individuals. This gives our customers a lot of options regarding the loan amount.

Customers are able to apply for loans from $2,500 to a whopping $25,000.

Keep in mind that, even if Safrock has supplied you with your low income personal loans comparison, you will still be subject to approval by the lenders themselves.

Once you have selected a lender, they will be in contact. From there they’ll let you know whether or not they’re able to help with low income loans. Don’t worry – if you’re turned down you won’t be charged a cent.

What Are The Interest Rates?

The interest rates for these low income personal loans will vary from lender to lender. These interest rates will be listed in the loan comparison we provide for you.

Keep in mind, however, that there may also be additional fees and charges associated with your loan. These often come in the form of dishonour fees for missing a payment, or processing fees. These additional fees and charges will be included in the loan contract your lender sends to you. We recommend carefully reading through this contract so you are up to speed with the fine print of your loan.

If you find yourself unsure of anything in your loan contract, we recommend getting in contact with your lender directly before signing anything.

Can You Find Low Income Loans For People On Centrelink?

If you are looking for low income loans and are receiving Centrelink, we may still be able to help. See, most lenders will regard regular Centrelink and other government benefit payments as income. So, if your repayments will fit comfortably within your benefits, you stand every chance of being approved by a lender.

Are you looking for government low income loans specifically? Some government benefits allow you to take out an advance payment on your benefits. You then repay this advance out of your future benefits. Find out more about government low income loans.

What Do I Need To Apply?

Keen to get the wheels turning on finding low income loans? We recommend having these details ready before you apply:

  • 100-points of identification;
  • Contact information;
  • Internet banking credentials;
  • myGov account details (if applicable);
  • Employment information (if applicable);
  • The registration, make, model, transmission, fuel type and other general information about the vehicle you’re attaching as an asset.

By having these details ready, you will breeze through our application process. You’ll be on your way to choosing between low income loans providers in no time.

How Do I Get In Contact With Safrock?

If you still aren’t sure about anything you’ve read so far, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Safrock. Feel free to send us a message through our contact page. From there, someone from our friendly team of lender-finder experts will get back in contact as soon as possible. They’re always happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

You can reach out contact us page here.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making those dreams into reality. Apply with Safrock today!